Hpower Mining Group's equipment shipping to Cameroon, Africa, is being loaded successively.

On June 27th, the equipment exported to Cameroon in Africa was loaded successively. Hpower Mining Machinery Group, we are the latest expansion of business lines in terms of export, with obvious effect. The average growth rate was 22.8% in 2018, and the growth rate was 31.6% in the first half of 2019. The group has accelerated the layout of the international stone market year by year.


Hpower Vseries 2500*6500


Loading and transporting to the harbour


Hpower Mining Machinery Group's equipment shipping to Cameroon, Africa

In the next two years, Hpower Group plans to invest 10 million to build an international stone field expansion, with the main regions Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and Europe as the main expansion areas. Hpower people constantly improve their technological competitiveness and create their own world in the future .